Saturday, March 31, 2012

Snatches and Deads( again)

It looks like the high rep sets, and not the dead were responsible for my unusual left leg pain so I decided to put the deads back in again.
This was a pain week from hell and for some reason I didn't get a day off of some kind of tweak or spasm or basic body pain all week. Until this morning, when for no good reason things let up. My fibula went back into place so my ankle and knee worked better( well, without cramping anyway) and my levator scapula, which woke me up at 12 midnight last night to be stretched, let go and let me train

It's just so weird as it seems that there is only one pain, but it moves around the body,; and as I try to catch it and  get rid of it it just runs a tail end.. Whack a mole indeed. I push it down here and it pops up there. No reason solid reason or logic to when or where either.


My legs felt better yesterday, but my shoulder(s) were talking to me as was my grip( from the high volume clubs) and I just felt beat up. This week has to be medium as next week, the week before the Cert is a light, download week. Definitely felt like I was not adapting to the workload and then I woke up and it seemed I had.

Not full of vim and vigor but not jacked up either. So strange. The plan was to start slow and see how I felt. I wasn't married to the 24 kg today either.I know I need to slow it down and recover more.

7-7:45 stretchout

back on board with this, which I know I have been neglecting of late. Putting in some time but not with the priority and concentration it needs and it requires to really square me as much as possible. It's insidious, the asymmetry. You really have to get enough done so that you are not moving in that twisted direction because all those little tweaks add up to one big one once and then you're out of real training for awhile, stuck on real rehab patrol and that is no fun.

As I said before but now have to really do, is to put my flexibility and mobility training AT THE TOP OF MY DAYS PRIORITIES . If I don't my kettlebell and bodyweight training will  come to stall or a halt.

My ability to keep myself as square plumb and neutral as possible is what allows me to train. At all.
And yes it is boring and repetitive and tedious but so is brushing and flossing. Be neglectful of those and see what happens. Same with flex and mob work. It's a necessity. Especially for me and I know it.

AS with kbs it's about the basics and I know mine, just have to get them done first thing, asap.

One arm swing 
16 kg x 5/5/5/x 3

16 kg x5/5x2
20 kg x 4/4

24 kg x 5/5
70 reps
3710 lbs

When I started I figured I would do my reset 5x5/5 workout but it felt ok so I went up. 70 reps is a good back off place. Groove felt pretty good but not perfect. Left shoulder, while 95% better than last night was not perfect.Decent workload all things considered.
Glenn must have been feeling better than me and killed it on his last set of 5 x10/10/5/5 with this pr.

It's hard to remember the Glenn that started training kbs just 8 months ago and was dying with 16 kg one arm swings and could barely move. He will pass the RKC Snatch test standard, I have no doubt and even with his extensive training and competition background he's getting into a condition he's never felt before. 

Kbs bring people back from the dead., no lie.

And this week I really realized the importance of legs that can lift and carry, shoulders and arms that can pull and push things,a back that is stable and able to bend and twist with no pain and the joy of energy, of extra energy to work hard and long and do it again and again and again. Because that's what everyday life requires.
Yes one has to be strong enough to lift the heavy things that need to be lifted every so often but its more about the little things that have to be lifted all the time that really make up the bulk of our life work as well as the ability to be able to stand walk and move for hours on end without fatigue.To not need a chair and be comfortable squatting, sitting on the floor or kneeling easily for your rest position.

And, most important, to not be in pain, and if so, have a strategy to get out of it. Being able to perform basic maintenance on oneself , as Mr Starrett's motto goes.

" A back of iron and legs that never quit."
Still my goal.

So onto deadlifts
135 x3 x 2
179 x 2
201 x 2
220 x 4 singles

these went great. Should have taken video but my form was more basic and I tried to think about it less and feel it more.Set my grip a bit wider( still double overgrip no hook) about 1/2 inch off the smooth, locked into the lats then pushed my knees more forward and used legs off the ground then hip extension.
Pretty much and OL clean grip deadlift. Felt good

Two hand clubbell arm casts
25 lbs x 10/10 x2
Shield cast
25 lbs x 10/10

tired now. want food:))

Sisu/Never Quit

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