Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another day at the office

Some times their are no epiphanies, sometimes it's just work.
Today was one of those days and that's just fine. In fact it was great.

Of course my left leg didn't stop aching until about 10 am today but then it did, just all of a sudden and I knew the workout wouldn't be as hard as I thought it would be when I got up at 4am and my leg and knee were still sore from Saturday's whatever  I did. Wouldn't stretch out, thump out or roll out.

Trying to square my body out is like a whack a mole project, smack it down in one place and it just pops out somewhere else.

But it popped out square just in time for training, which is what counts.First day doing light snatches on tuesday and it went easily, AFTER my ten minute scalding hot bath to try to warm up. For California it's been too damn cold for this old body. The Russian passive warmup works great though.

One arm swings
16 kg x 5/5/5 x3

16 kg x5/5
16 kg  x20/20/10/10
          x 10/10/10/10 
these went easy, breathing VERY moderate until last 10 in the first set and the whole time the last.

One arm swings
24 kg  x8/8 x 3
28 kg x 5/5

these were surprisingly hard after those snatches. back was a bit tired as was whole body :)) I can see in the video my right shoulder was too high, didn't feel that way in the set. Not sure if the next technique has something to do with that or fatigue. have to video the lighter sets to see next week.

Also have to alternate which exercise goes first. if I do snatches first every workout it'll take alot out of the swings, which is my strength work and needs to progress as well.One the days I swing first I will probably only do one high rep snatch set with the 16 or the 20 kg.

it might look like this:

24 kg snatch: working up to sets/reps of 

week one
one arm swing : heavy loads and progressive 5's-10s
16 kg snatch : one set max reps 80 % effort

 week two:
20 kg snatch : working up to one set of 100
( first goal= 50, then 60, 80 then 100 rep set)
one arm swings: medium weights for moderate to high reps

Floor Handstands and ring extensions
4 sets of each. Handstands felt better than ever with Glenn giving me just a light tap spot as I did then free of the wall.

Ring work was 4 sets of 10-12



Steve Freides said...

Rif, was just looking at some of your videos on your blog - have you considered groin tightness as part of why your one knee bothers you? I couldn't tell you why, just a gut reaction on my part, that there's something you could stretch/loosen and it would make your knee work better. Perhaps it's because I sometimes go through it myself - knee hurts, can't figure out why, but a few splits and the knee is good again.

BTW, tried to send you a PM on the RKC forum but it said your mailbox was full.



Mark Reifkind said...

Steve, good suggestion and yes I have groin and medial hamstring stretching and mobilization as part of the mix.

the knee bothers me primarily because there is nothing to it but arthritis and scar tissue. Bone on bone osteo, no articular cartilage , no meniscus or acl, stretched capsule and pcl.

my two full dislocations and reconstruction were 38 years ago and it's ( and I ) just reached the limits.

it only bends 90 deg on a good day and lack 10-15 5 extension. basically it's trashed.

I do straddle splits and split training 4-5 days per week and it definitely helps, as well as for my back.

thanks for the concern and advice though, always apprecited.

saw my mailbox was full but only 3 messages?

Steve Freides said...

Just watching you move, I'd love to see you be able to do a side/Russian split. Obviously it can't help the cartilage that's not there but my gut says it could help you. There are a couple of things one just doesn't get to unless you're really in a split - I think Pavel talks about separating the two halves of the pelvis - that I think/hope would be helpful to you.

I tried to leave you a private message on the RKC-only forum and it said your mailbox was full - it counts both incoming and outgoing messages towards that total and it's bitten me before. Sometimes you have to clean out your Sent folder or something else.