Thursday, March 01, 2012

Birthday Workout 55 at 55

I'm 55 today and I wanted to do something for 55 reps that would challenge me.Last year I did 54 long cycle clean and presses with the 20 kg ( 27/27) and I had hoped to do that with the 24 kg today but my shoulder decided to not cooperate lately so I had to find something else.

Something that would challenge me a bit but WOULD'NT injure me. Tough task when I can tweak something rolling over in bed :))

Plus today is a scheduled light day and I needed it after the last two hard days. Good hard but still tough.

one arm swing warmup
16 kg x 5/5/5x 3

16 kg snatch

100 reps. these went great and  felt very very easy. I definitely see getting to 100 rep sets here and then start playing with longer reps on each arm. Nothing that will tire me out too much for Saturday but prime the pump. Form felt "on", groin felt fine and back too.

Focuses on really turning my left knee straight ahead is a life changer for me, I can feel it. Some minor issues with lower calves and ankles due to the new alignment after oh, just 35 years but it's the right move. Point both tires in the same direction . I was letting my femur turn out too much. Simply turning the leg in from the thigh bone and making both knees track straight ahead.

The key is to have my knee under my hip and set the foot off that. not the other way around

CB Swipes
15's x 10

15's x 55 Recent PR 

I've done 106 reps with this weight but not in recent memory. My best to date has been 35 reps so this is a big increase. No problem and I could have done at least 10-15 more strongly but wanted to just get my 55 :))

I really got in the zone here too. I was pretty serious for the first 40 reps but once I hit that I KNEW I was going to get 55 and just got into it. I felt myself smiling, spontaneously, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up, always a great sign when I'm lifting.It signals the zone, the flow the ease and strength of what I am doing or about to do.
I love that place and haven't gotten to visit there for awhile. Nice to be back :)) hope to come again soon.
Sheer Joy. SO hard to beat that.

One arm shield cast
10 x 10/10
15 x 10/10 x 2

these were strong

rack walks
16 kg x 200 feet x 5  1000 feet

these are getting much easier. keeping the knee pointing straight ahead is making my gait much more solid.

db laterals
3 x 12 with 12 lbs

rev grip triceps pushdowns
4 x20 superset with
Pbar handstands
4 x8 seconds ( wore my shoes and it through off the balance . still strong. can't forget to do these. 3 x week on bar and floor

So this is 55:)) Off to a good start. I'm leaner strong and more functional this year at this time than last. Can't ask for that. I'm getting younger and older at the same time.

Sisu/Never Quit


Boris Terzic said...

Sounds like a great way to ring in a b-day. I wish you good health and strength.

guy said...

Happy Birthday BossMan! Many happy returns!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks guys it was a perfect choice for the day. Feel great this AM and that's a good sign:))

Juci RKC said...

Many happy returns and all the best, Master!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Mark!
Rock n'Roll for the next 55years ;-)

It is great for me to read your progress since last year!

The numbers are not important!The body has no counter ;-)

Take care ;-)
Sascha(aka bruce)

Roland said...

Happy belated birthday, Mark!

Mark Reifkind said...

thank you Judit, can't wait to come and visit you guys again!

Mark Reifkind said...


thank you man and you are correct. the numbers don't count unless you start missing,then they count :))

Mark Reifkind said...

roland hope you are well and thank you .