Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ah Saturdays like they used to be.

Saturday was always squat day, therefore the most important day of the week. The entire focus of the week as well and if it went well the next week would go well. And if it didnt....
It was always intense and focused and the energy would be with you for hours later.Today everybody was there and hitting on all cylinders. A new training partner who had never dl'd before pulled an EASY 405 after his squat workout and will pull 600 in a year should he desire.

Nick squatted and pulled big and my snatches were strong and easy. excellent. Even Palmer snatched and press well above himself. A good time was had by all.AND I got introduced to someone who will surely change my life in the near future.


53x6/6x10 sets= 120 reps

No problem whatsoever and the teshnick is holding together very well> pushing my hips back before I drop the arm down has totally changed my groove for the better.Density was a little low as I was spotting and coaching a bunch but thats no problem.

Tactical Pullups
ladder 6,7,8 three times= 63 total reps;

This is a recent volume pr. no problem just staying bodyweight is good. want to be able to do 20 tactical pullups when next I test.

2 kb deadlift


ran out of time but this is a great movement for me. really works my erectors and quads. A good counterblance to all the swings.

datsit.feel great!


Franz Snideman said...

Rif - I like the simplicity of your training. Solid movements with steady progress. Love your structuring of workouts - very balanced!

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah me too. I know that simple does not mean more with less is what Pavel has said and I take it to heart. Trying to get deeper into the skill and discover nuances I hadnt found before is what interests me.

as for "balanced" they really has been of late. these are the movements that not only do not hurt me, they seem to strengthen my weak links . especially the different forms of farmers walks, so critical to keeping my gait as square and strong as possible, which means my knee and back hurt much less.