Saturday, March 18, 2006

Too Strong.

One thing I have to remember is that too much intensity, no matter where its source, is no good for me. Like an alcoholic that thinks he can have a social drink I have to remember that max effort kb work is just as bad for me as max effort barbell work.Well, maybe not AS bad but it aint good.
trying to use heavier and heavier bells all the time will just mess me up. Doing it isnt the probem, surviving it is. I'm too strong for how fragile I am. Try not to forget that again.

No client this am so real training preparation.Sleep in, hot bath, stretching and mental prep. Man I miss having the time to do that for everyworkout like I used to. Such a huge advantage.


53x5/5x10 sets
100 reps

deloading today so the pace was pretty slow with Nick, Jonathan and Tony training as well. I need the break and the snatches felt great. A key technique for me is to push the hips back AS I start to flip the overhead kb into the arc.This keeps the kb in much closer to my center of gravity and loads the hips much better. Not pushing back resulted in the kb being out in front too mucha nd loading the biceps/shoulder too much.

With KBs, as with everything, the Devils in the details.

two hand one kb swing cleans

these were fun, gave a little dip at the catch to load the quads a bit. a bit rusty though, havent done these in ages. catching it in the crush grip really works the abs, biceps and pecs too.nice light swing day.

2kb deadlift

just playing around these are ok. work the quads a bit and the arch but its too light unless I do TONS of reps.

5,6,7,5,6,7,5,6 =47 reps! not bad, more than I thought

datsit. more rest required.

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