Monday, March 27, 2006


I like the quantitativeness of weight training. 24kg. 150 snatches. 100 reps.very easy to relate to and to try to improve upon. As my training days are whittling down to one basic swing movement( imagine, shades of powerlifting !) done for varying sets reps and intensities pullups and farmers walks its interesting to see what is happening to my form and groove.
Cleans and presses were very solid today; mechanics were good. I am finally getting how to use my hips properly in the swing and its way different than what I thought. I have to really get back on my heels and stay there much longer than I thought.This keeps the bell in closer over my base and loads the hips more than the arms and shoulders, which is what was happening.Much much more power here.

Gymnastics ruined my hip and back posture for a long time.

Clean and Press
53x5/5x8 sets= 80 reps

this was really strong despite training two hours later than normal on zero food.I knew I needed to move though.

Tactical pullups/ farmers walk in rack position
4,5,6,4,5,6 /30 reps / 2/36'sx 2laps 4 times

Supersetted these two, again walking in the rain which is cool.Pullups had long bottom pauses and holds at the throat for each. the rack walks SUCKED. This was very hard for me. shoulders clunking a lot too. have to hold the lats tight.

about 50 minutes then twenty minutes of hammie stretching.



Natan said...

My wife tells me that I have never grown-up. Well, I am not going to argue as long as I can still play ball.


Franz Snideman said...

Right on Rif. 8 sets of presses with the 53lb KB. That's more than I can do at the currenet moment.



Mark Reifkind said...

thanks franz. actually it was pretty easy till the last set or so. I can see 10 sets pretty soon.I like this minimlaist style of training. Its easy to obsess over one movement at a time,lol. thank you Mr. OCD>

Royce said...

What is the benifit of walking in the racked position?

Mark Reifkind said...


walking in the rack position really gets the abs, arms and forces you to really get your hips under you as you walk.. also helps the back extensors as you have to lift up through the spine as you walk or you get pulled over. the weight on your chest restricts breathing and makes the exercise harder.
really works the arms and shoulders hard too.

Royce said...

Thanks, I know some of my questions are very basic. I really appreciate the answers.

Mark Reifkind said...

no problem man, glad I can help.

Natan said...

My biggest problem is now that my boys are grown, they kick my butt in b-ball. I have definitely passed on this passion to the next generation.

Enjoyed reading your post.