Monday, March 06, 2006

More snatches

Solo again today and wanted to get on the schedule I am going to be on so I did some snatches again. Work kicked my ass today so I wasnt up for pushing the pace but still kept an eye on the clock. My body is truly ready for warm weather.


53x5/5x12 sets= 120 reps. rest/sec = 50-60 sec.

not much slower than last week but the extra 15 sec rest per set really helped.teshnik felt solid.

weighted tactical pullups
53#x2( first rep chin TO bar, second rep 3/4 of that)
62x3/4 rep

The 62# attempt was much better than I expected. I got decent height toward chin over the bar with the 53# double. the 62 got to nose level. solid.

Farmers walk
Backwards walk with 2/44s

4x100 feetx4 sets quads got worked but the knee did not likey.

2/44sx200 feetx4 sets knee is touchy, thats enough.

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