Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Negative Splits.

When you are a runner, or cyclist, this means doing the second half of the race, ride or run faster than the first half.I always ended up going faster in the second half and sometimes had my best lap or pace times at the finish.

I am just a slow starter and today was sluggish. great day at work working though with many new faces and teaching a brazillian juijitsu studio owner the basic six exercises.Everybody is snatching so easily and picking it up fast.SO I was beat but I know the rule. NEVER ask yourself THE question and just get started.

latest program design said one kb snatch high pull, cleans and waiter walks, a brand new combination of assistance exercises.

snatch hi pull

62#x8/8x7 sets 112 total reps.

Now this went really well. Finally got Pavels technique of pushing the hips back BEFORE the arm descends in the snatch. HUGE HUGE HUGE difference. In balance and leverage and hip activation. PLus it brings the kb in much better over my base and this is always good.

Once I got going my energy and wind was good. This is a good first exercise for me.

one kb cleans
53x8/8x5 sets
x10/10 1 set= 100 reps.

Man I havent done this as a stand alone exercise in eons. But I realy like it and its good for me. It bothers Pavels elbow but feels fine to me. I can get a rythym here too and it doesnt hurt anything.ALso this finishes this a a leg pace too.

Waiters Walk

One 36# kb
100 feet right arm, 100 feet left arm = one lap
Did four laps

this is getting better for me everytime I do it and I can see it is a foundation movement for me. forces me to stay over my feet as I walk too and keep everything in line. Cant wait till I can do this with TWO kbs. Still a ways to go though.

Subbing out clean and presses on mondays for the jerks. that rattles my bones too much. the snatch is ballistic enough.very excited about the course of this new program and training solo again.



Franz Snideman said...

Rif -

your wokrouts look great. High quality and good skill training.

Q: What is a waiter's walk?

Geoff Neupert said...


Can you comment on your program design for Frank Shamrock? You were mentioned in the latest Power by Pavel newsletter.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks. the exercise selection is really coming together. It keeps gettng pared down to just the bare essentials. a waiters walk is where you hold a kb overhead as you walk with it.another farmers walk variation.

geoff, I answered this on the other site. article coming out soon.

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Rif. I do that exercise alot in our classes, just use a different name.

Congrat's on the work with Shamrock. Hopefully the publicity will bring about some good things!