Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New training schedule.

Since one of the things I hate most in life is doing different workouts than my training partners and since there is NO WAY I am training for the TSC I have to adapt my schedule a bit more to Nick Joes and Monicas:

To wit:

Two hand swing
Clean and press
Ballistic pullup

this works as Nick will be squatting and I will be swinging. the swing is the powersquat of kettlebells.

Wt pullup
Farmers walk or tire pull

I will snatch as Joe and monica dl. then I will do wt pullups as they snatch. this will work as they are doing heavy dls and I am doing heavy snatch( low reps). then I will do thepullups as they hog the platform,lol .aint perfect but better than what is going on now.

wednesday at girya
clean and jerks
snatch hi pull

this works as we do the first exercise together and then he does pullups as i hipull . if we get the first big exericse right thats really all that matters. then we can individualize.I do handstand with the mirror as he swings. no problem.

my tues workout in the park will be

bear crawls
walking swings( all directions)
waiters walks

this, of course, is all subject to

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