Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Da hips boss, da hips

Pavels push the hips back first technique is working so well on ALL my movements. A truly fundamental shift in technique that is paying immediate dividends. With todays movements, the snatch hi pull and old fashioned kb cleans, I could really concentrate on using it on every set of every rep.

Snatch hi pull

62x10/10x7 sets
total=140 reps

58 more reps than last week. its amazing how the numbers jump up just by adding 2 reps per side per set.This was hard; took one minute rest/sets for the first five sets then 1.5 minutes for the last two sets. Dont like rushing,especially when the load is significant and the goal is power , form and explosion.

The sit back first technique worked very well today and I wish I had understood this when I was powerlifting. I could NEVER get my hips in the lift properly and always used my quads and back too much. Strong but not optimal.The key is having the hips truly under you when you are in the support postition. THis means super tight glutes and pulled up kneecaps with a high chest.

The hips are further in than I thought and only now can I do this technique without losing my lumbar curve. that took awhile.Its a slingshot effect and a much shorter stroke than I have been doing.

One kb clean
62x5/5 x 6 sets

I've always loved these an a standalone exercise even though most do not.It really forces me to use my hips and legs while not putting my shoulders at risk.the heavy weights and high reps can really get the lungs and the arms at the same time.Plus it really works the finish position with the rack. I held each tight before the next rep. I really got waaay back on my heels as I let the bell drop down the front and the hip tension was great.

No problems pushing through the heels on the ascent and my knees are not moving forward at all like they were.More balanced on the foot as well.

Waiters walk
36#x 2 laps alternate arms 3 times each

this doubles what I could do last week! Much better on the right arm and I am finally feeling support from the shoulder girdle and hips together! very exciting. I can almost rest up there now.And this has really helpd my gait forcing my under the weight to a balanced position; which lead to to hip position discovery. Its all tied together butTraining is the source.

weight 162 this am. going down to 158-159.

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Royce said...

58 more reps than last week. its amazing how the numbers jump up just by adding 2 reps per side per set.This was hard;
I bet that was hard. I would have passed out ( but I am getting there ).