Wednesday, March 08, 2006

These are the workouts that really count

Its easy to train when you are into it. Motivated,rested,strong,mobile, pain free. Its a whole nother thing on a midweek session with a small amount of poor sleep and a body that says stretch me, Dont train.BUt I know that will fade as soon as my heartrate goes up and the blood flows.

Stayed up too late with Steve Cotter as he is in town to show the Forty Niners what Kettlebells are all about and we had a post dinnerIHOP carbo loading session.It was good but I paid for it this morning at 4:10 am. Lots of loading and walking with heavy kbs into and out of cars yesterday and that is not a good movement for my knee or my back.

All I wanted was a very hot bath and and hour of stretching and rolling but what I got was 6 clients in a row and lots of demos. Ah getting shape for three days of fun at the RKC!~

You must be wary of the sissy voice. Once you listen it to it once you are done.Turned into a great workout.

Two hand swing

53x45 seconds one 45 seconds off
8 sets 201 reps

This was tough, as always, but getting better. Using these different loading lengths and energy system. very interesting. very different feels and power ouputs for 30,45 and 60 second repeats. Form is getting solid though . last two sets had 5 second breaks at 25-30 seconds , but I didnt put the kb down. I was gassed though.Next week 20 seconds with the 72 with a 45 second break for power and strength.

Clean and Press,LC
62x3/3x4 sets

These were suprisingly good.Had time to focus on form as well as just pushing hard and noticed some good cue positions for my left arm. details, baby details! Once I can do 5x5 with this easy I am off to the two pood for regular work.

Seated Rope Pulls

44#x 4 pullsx5 repsx 4 sets

WOW these were tough for me. I had Joe doa few and he just blew them away .A weakness of mine exposed. TONS of lats, teres major,rear delts and bicep biceps biceps!~ Perhaps too much. will see tomorrow. but this is a great new exercise

I threw a 25 foot rope over the pullup bar, knotted it to a kb , sat on the floor on the other side and proceeded to "climb" the rope as I pulled it in, just like I was climbing a vertical rope with no hands.Tough one but great I think.

dats it!

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Royce said...

Sissy voice bad!! I listened for too long. No more.