Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Officially almost middle aged.

I'm 49 today and feeling a million times better today than I did last year. If this is a trend 50 should be rocking. I might be able to run a bit by then!Got my sandbags and should have a tire to drag very soon. Overloading my walkng gait is definitely the way to go for mee to compliment the posterior chain work I get with the kb.

The farmers walk worked great at first but now its my grip and not my legs that are giving out. Time to pull.Really, really, really sore in the legs and the shoulders from Mondays workout. Too much direct leg work always wrecks me more than helps me. The lunges arent necessry.

Ten minute Swings

53x60 seconds on 60 seconds off for 10 min( 5 sets).

172 total reps

Holy freaking hell this was tough ALTHOUGH I am in waaaay better shape than when I tried to do multiple sets of 30 last time. Each 60 seconds produced between 30 and 36 reps.I tired to NOT focus on the reps( didnt count them, had Joe do it quitely) but making the time goal. I adjusted my form to how tired I was but none of the swings were below mid rib and most were lower chest high.

used a very relaxed grip at the top which is really helping me. On sets 3 and 4 I stopped at thirty seconds to breathe for 5 sec but didnt put the bell down. I should not have suggested this time zone today although didnt mind: he was doing clean and push press, much better for 60 seconds. This is SO my weak zone but it is definitley getting stronger.This is also so good for finding a very efficient stroke. Used as much compensatory compensation as possible.

BW ballistic pullups
6,7,5,6,7= 31 reps . got to get this to 50. my shouldes are FRIED!

See saw press

These were suprisingly ok. Very strong in fact despite being very tired in the delts.

datsit. where the coconut cream pie?

Oh, and more good old man news. Next year I only have to do 38 total snatches to recert when I am 50. LOL! I will do the open number of 52 though. Dont be sissy.


markdavidson said...

happy bday!

Joefitness said...

And only getting better with age! You are an inspiration my friend/coach/mentor