Friday, March 03, 2006

Imperfection training

Franz Snideman commended me for doing my farmers walks in the rain the other day, after telling me I was crazy, by saying it is good to do training under imperfect conditions. He is right and today cuit the bill although not in the usual way.

I had to train today, instead of tomorrow am because of a work committment and fridays are always a killer day to train on. Its my earliest wakeup (3:45 am) and the longest work day. Plus it IS Friday and the end of a long work and training week. Plus my saturday training partner committed to train then bailed at the last moment. I freaking HATE that and would rather not even think about having a partner I can't depend on. What was I thinking?

Enough whining. As I am apt to say to my clients and training partners, do not ever even ASK yourself if you feel like training. Just get started . If you arent supposed to train that day you wont warm up and you can leave. I have never left once I warmed up . Today was hard to do it though.I SO did not want to train. But there is no real choice to me.SO:

warmup with mb slam chops,bosu bola snaps.


53x5/5x10 sets 30-45 rest/ set/ 100 reps

Its hard to do,especially solo, but I like to train against the clock with short rest intervals.Like speed squat and bench day.AS long as I keep the work sets low reps, and dont go too far into lactic acid I have great strength endurance and power endurance.Once I get to lactic acid though I wilt as far as power.I started out with 30 sec rest and they grew to 45 seconds at the end.

It wasnt my wind but I was worried about my technnique, not wanting to crank too hard on the shoulder.Felt great.

Medicine ball Slam Chops
15kg x 10 reps/8 sets 15-30 seconds/sets

got this idea from Franz and Yoana which they got from Dimitri.Its also a crossfit tool I think.Basically it a chop motion where you take the MB and with two hands, flex at the hip and throw the ball as hard as you can into the floor, catch it on the rebound at arms length overhead and then repeat. Bascically the dimemetrically opposite motion of the kb swing.Looks to be a great coutner balance to all this hip extension.Plus KILLER abs and hip flexors.

We'll see how I am tomorow but it felt easy. and naturalI started thinking about 30 seconds rest but that was too long. 15 was fine for most sets.easier than chopping wood with an axe outside but basically the same thing.

Plus its FUN to do.

Clean and press
62x3/3x3 sets

this is why you do the workout as planned. this turned out to be a great workout. you'll never know if you dont start.short and sweet, demos at the Palo ALto Health Expo tomorrow.


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Royce said...

ditto on the training partner, have only had one I could count on ever, 8 months straight 4-5 days a week with no missed workouts.
We kept each other seriously motivated.