Monday, March 20, 2006

Jerks and pullups

man its still raining and its driving me nuts!!!soreness from last wendesdays swing FINALLY wore off. man that was weird.



104 jerks! this was tougher than I expected, especially on the last two sets of 7/8 on the second round.Defintely lost shoulder stability on the last two reps of the last two sets.Lat tightness is the key.and not rushing.

supersetted with

Tactical Pullups
4,5,6,4,5,6,4,5,6= 45 pullups

these were solid too, good pauses and throat over the top. I'm going to stay with just bodyweight for awhile.been going too heavy here too.

Farmers walk in the downpour

2/44's x150 feet laps. 4 sets

really getting to enjoy doing these in the my old running days. these are a staple now.


Royce said...

I've been doing farmers walks after every workout just to strengthen my forearms, man are they fun.
Reminds me of when I delivered paint for a living, just trying to make another step without putting the buckets down.

Mark Reifkind said...

absolutely! It do kill the forearms and my triceps as I try to flex them throuhgout to really stretch the I'm doing it as a gait movement. what weights are you using and how far do you go?

Royce said...

2 44 pound kbs ( only kb's I have right now )
2 laps 200'
first lap I can make it the whole way
second lap kills
not really working on hypertrophy, dieting and trying to maintain/gain strength, but my forearms are growing!!! CRAZY
Do your traps get sore also, mine do!

Mark Reifkind said...

no my traps never get sore from that. remember I did a lot of dls with very heavy weight for many years.forearms get pumped though. I just got the 62's so ican do some short laps with them soon.

Royce said...

can't wait for my next pair, 53's.
it will be a while though. I bet the 62's will be brutal!!
supposedly wifey is going to buy me the set ( 35, 53, 70 ) for my b-day (May 6th), but we have 5 kids and money gets short, so we'll see!!!
I really have never looked forward to training as much as I do with KBs, crazy and cool.

Franz Snideman said...

Rif -

I love to hear of you doing the occasional Imperfection training. Farmers walk in the rain. Character building, and good for you too.

How are you feeling with your Jerks? Technique, as on all exercises, is paramount. When I finally meet you in person I want you to look at my KB Jerk Technique. I think I'm not as efficient as I could be.

Mark Reifkind said...

franz you know I like the jerks but am scared of them at the same time.Lots of scceleartion thoruhg my knees hips lumbars and shoulders.
I think doing them and snatching might be too much right now unless I cut the clean and presses. I think one overhead ballistic is better for right now.trying to do a gs style as sitting back as in a OL style causes my shoulders to rattle around,lol/