Sunday, June 10, 2018

No stop 45 lb ruck

Confused me this morning. Slept well, stretched out, did my 100 ups to warm-up, and lightened the ruck by 5 lbs to 45 total and still my left ankle ( this time) decided to tighten up making me slow up again, right from the start!
Relaced the boots ( idea was they were too tight at ankle juncture ( that helped a bit) but then I thought that perhaps it was the isometric squat stretches that I do each lap that had something to do with it.

Hell, I don't know but I haven't tried it so why not. My legs in general just were getting tighter as well as the feet. It shifts from right foot ( 3rd metatarsal to ball of great toe to left calf OR anterior tib, also on left! I'm sure the heavy work on Saturdays is at root cause but that's not going to change so I have to figure it out as is.

So on lap 5 I went straight through , and that seemed to loosen things up, then again on 7 and 8 and by now I was really loose and fast and was flying!  That's weird! But it felt great, much like I did on Thursday. It would be so nice to have my lungs and conditioning be the limiting point and not my calf tightness

I so remember being on 'autopilot' when I ran and sometimes when I cycled but I haven't felt that in so long rucking. This might be the right thing to do. I get plenty of human chair squatting these days and it's easy to come by if I want more

Stop breaking the rhythm and tightening things up every lap might help. Hope so. It's been a real drought for my rucking of late.

45 lb ruck
12 laps
1:50 min ( not squatting saves time too)
last lap : 7:17!!
5 iso squats ( first five laps)

BW 170.4 oops
BF 13.3

ok lets see if I can pull my head out of my ass mentally for tomorrow's presses

also rewear mid height salomons too. I'd hate to have to buy ANOTHER pair of boots but I have to get the right ones.


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