Monday, June 18, 2018

190 lb Strict Press miss, 40kg belt squats, floor pushups, compound laterals

Felt strong but missed anyway today. Weird. Woke up yesterday with my right thumb out of joint and painful as hell. Wasn't too bad the start of the day but got worse as the day went on and had to work the crap out of the hand and forearm to try to unlock it. Not the best way to spend  fathers day but I had no choice.
It was the 40 kg goblet squat for sure and the radius of the lower arm and the scapoid bone of the wrist weren't sitting right and I couldn't even get down on the floor and place my palm flat against the floor.! Unacceptable so I worked on it it
Pulled out all my tricks, even voodoo flossed it ( which seemed to help)  but only when I taped my wrist with athletic tape did I realize it was mainly the radius that was twisted and not articulating correctly with the shapoid. Started stretching palms down as best I could ( as little weight) and externally rotating elbow pits and things started to mobilize, move around and things felt better

Slept with tape and woke up much better. Still required work all day today and I had no idea how the workout would go, especially since I was planning on taking 190!

So while I was tired and tweaked I also felt strangely mentally ready so I gave it a go. Warm-ups went deceivingly well and I actually thought I might make 190 after the THIRD try at 180!!

Strict press
45 x 5
65 x 3
85 x 2
120 x 2
135 x 1 strong!
150 x 1 even better
165 x 1 decent
170 x 1 a bit out on front
180 x X out in front
180 x X same
180 x 1

190 x  X

190 x X not as good as above

I'm just driving with my triceps more than my front delts and the bar is going forward and not back enough. Given my still serious lack of full shoulder flexion it's not a  mystery why but I still think I can find a work around, lol

Never quit trying!

170 x 2 way too hard, still in front
160 x 3
150 x 3

done. have to figure out a different groove. back to study videos

40 kg belt squat
4 sets of 12
close stance feel goo

Floor pushups
( found a position that didn't hurt at all a good sign)
3 sets of 40 !

combo laterals
3 sets of 8/8 with 15's

dead tired and hungry

BW 170 !
BF 12.9

datsit a needed day off!

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