Monday, June 04, 2018

185 Strict Press, 40 kg belt squats, floor pushups with PushBand, combo laterals

It was just a tough workout , but for no good reason. Slept really well. weight was perfect, hydrated, etc but mentally I did not have five seconds between work ( phone call on way home) and getting under the bar to concentrate and that hurt. But, just a bit. And I couldn't get my mind right even after we started.

But all in all I pressed some big numbers even though I could have done better

Strict Press
45 x 5
65 x 3
85 x 3
120 x 2
135 x 1
155 x 1 ( decent but not fast)
165 x 1 better
170 x 1 good
175 x 1 slow
180 x 1 ok
185 x 1 decent ( vid above)
187.5 x 0 just didnt set up well too vertical I now think but it got pretty high just not back enough
175 x  1.5  tri's shot
165 x 3 still
155 x 5 eh
150 x 5 SO EASY 
THIS is what I should have been doing all along I was just TOO VERTICAL  on my set ups! layback more than I think I should and lift my elbows more than I think I should. It absolutely HAS to happen!

187.5 miss

Realized also, that doing heavy wt pushups one day before this is not the best idea. SO weighted pushups now go on wednesday, after lunges
Crawls will take the place on saturday of pushups

40 kg belt squats
not standing on plates

x 12, 14, 16, 18

these felt good. closer stance than I can get standing on plates and decent, below parallel depth anyway

Floor pushup with PushBand
3 sets of 40, 40, 35
set one .38 m/s 275 watts
set two  .33 m/s 264watts
set three.29 228 watts

high of .68 m/s
Ave of .45 m/s

combo laterals
3 x 8/8 with 20s

BW 169.2 !
BF 12.0 !

finally decently hydrated


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Rob O'Brien said...

Nice work on the press! Off of FB for a while. Needed a break. Only Instagram for now.