Thursday, June 14, 2018

45 lb ruck hot and fast

Summer is completely here and the ruck at 1 pm was at 88 deg but  I felt pretty good about it. Acceptance is the first key to heat tolerance training I think. The more you fight it the hotter it seems but I think I was just in a good mood.

Easy day just two clients, everyone else cancelled. Got new tires on the Mustang and did some things I rarely get to do during the week so when i got to the ruck I was actually eager to go.

I wore the Danner's with XOSKIN crew socks and made sure to lace the boots lightly. That seemed help.

I didn't time laps but I was moving and things felt pretty loose and fast. My lunges for a change were the bodypart being challenged

I did stop every couple laps as the fast pace was tightening my calves up but they released quickly. finished 10 min early too so I know it was fast

Last lap the right foot at mid sole started to ache a bit it felt like the pace not the mechanics but it's fine now

Good one

45 lb ruck
6 laps
50 min
pace : fast

BW 170.4 !
BF 13.4

should be under 170 tomorrow am.


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