Sunday, June 24, 2018

Fast Ruck and strong Ruck!

I cant' believe switching to the low top shoe has made all the difference but it seems to have. Today was magic. I almost felt like I could run with the pack. My legs started out loose and fast and stayed that way. Calves were never a problem and neither were my feet, even at the end. Can't believe it! But man am I happy. After yesterday's heat fest this morning was actually very cool and over cast, just like I prefer.
I did do a few squat stretched on the first two laps as I thought it would help and it did but on the third lap I stopped and did no more
 Legs stayed loose and fast
The picture above was from a gentleman I met in the park walking his dog early this year. He was  TV reporter from China as was amazed at the whole deal with my heavy pack, etc He wanted my pic to show his friends and today he was back with printed copies to show me! Very  nice guy
 I still can't get over just how great it felt to fly though the air rucking. really reminded me of my old trail running days. Perhaps I'm just finally getting into some kind of shape but I think the shoes made all the difference

45 lb ruck 
12 laps       
1:45 min !!!
Last lap = 7:16 !!!
RPE 4.5 !

I honestly don't think the average laps for the each was that much more than 7:35-40 as the last lap wasn't much different than the others

BW 169.8
BF 13.3

ok big press day tomorrow


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