Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday ruck; just turn the motor on

and let it run.

That's what today felt like. Up until the ninth lap that is.
But until then it was great. No residual issues from yesterday's PR fest at all. Another pr of sorts in it's own right. That shows the loading was appropriate and the recovery included.

Got a decent stretchout before the start and legs and back felt good. The pack felt light at 51.4 lbs. Time to bump the weight up again. Another 2.5 lbs next week.

Things were focused and smooth up until the start of the 9th lap (1.5 hrs  in) when 'the training began'. No big deal just started to get a little fatigued and  bored. Harder to keep increasing the pace but I got it done. Up until then I felt like a machine, just ready to move. I LOVE this feeling :) That's what keeps me coming back time and time again, waiting for it to make it's appearance.
Strong always feels good.

A really good example of negative split training
5th lap = 8:20
7th lap: 8:06
11th lap : 7:45!

really got warmed up by then :)
 51.4 lbs
12 laps
5 iso squats
2 hours.

the thing to remember too when walking for time is that it doesn't matter if you go faster each lap, you still have to stay on your feet for the full time :)
this makes it both easier and tougher at the same time

ok presses tomorrow


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