Sunday, October 11, 2015

53 lb Ruck

Bumped the weight up a few pounds today and was grateful I didn't go more. Hamstrings and thighs were just a bit tired after all those swings but it finished fine. Just getting back to full loading after a little break. Got stronger each lap until 11 then I got tired
Also only did 5 sets of iso squats. My right hip flexor is getting tighter than the left and I think all the squatting I do everyday is catching up so I backed off these a bit. The original purpose of these squats was to gain ROM and that's been done.
Doing five sets was perfect to loosen up the hips and thighs after a couple laps but I don't think I need ten anymore.

2 hour ruck
53 lbs
12 laps
5 isometric hold squats 30 sec
10th lap = 8:05 ( pretty fast, actually )

KB Presses tomorrow I think



Diana said...

After doing a couple of these, I get a sense of just how heavy your pack is at 53lbs! Sure it sounds heavy, but actually doing one of these with a portion of that weight helps to put things into perspective!
We did 2 miles yesterday on the trails. The hubs had 21.5 lbs and I had 16 lbs. Took us 44 minutes to complete which includes a few stops for pictures or just to enjoy the fall foliage!

When you state how many laps you do, what is that in mileage? Just curious. I would love to get up in mileage versus weight. Not sure if my feet would hold up to carrying more weight! I like the 16lbs, which is, no doubt a workout now, but would love to get that up to 4-6 miles.

Mark Reifkind said...

lol, yes 50+ lbs is no joke! but I built up to it very slowly over 2 years so it's not that bad.I'm not sure abut mileage. the phone gives me different answers each time. I walk laps around a park so it really doesn't matter but it's about .5 mile per lap( .45) so somewhere around 6 miles. I walk around 3 mph
don't mess up your feet anymore! extra weight isn't worth it

Diana said...

Agree about the extra weight.....I have to take care of what's left of these feet.