Monday, October 12, 2015

24 kg kb press, 40 kg belt squats, floor pushups, crawls, kb laterals

decided to go with kb today and see two things;
1) if I could still do them as I did last week
2) if I didn't wake up with impingement the next day

SO for one for one. We'll see how things are tomorrow but today went well
Took my time and warmed up slowly and really concentrated on playing with this new technique

1) arm across chest bell sits  directly over hip in rack. thumb to collarbone
2) initiate with elbow lift then drive into the bell. keeps bell over hip in initial drive
3) maintain ab brace during entire lift. abs and glutes to maximize tspine extension and minimize rib flare and lumbar arch.

worked pretty well I feel. shoulder and t spine mobility work continues and shoulder pain is negligible. this will take some time but I like it so far. feels like I can work from here.

KB press
12 kg x 5/5
14 kg x 5/5
16 kg x 3/3
20 kg x 3/3
24 kg x 3/3 x 5 sets

 Belt squats
40 kg x 12 x 4 sets

crossed arms on shoulders trying to keep chest up. worked very well. like a mock bb 'er front squat

floor pushup
3 sets of 20
1 x 18 shoulder clunked. new rule is, once it cluncks set's over

3 sets of 50 feet

getting better

back on track and happy about the kb press. I do like the barbell but it definitely encourages my default bad shoulder mechanics. I might try it again just focused on the ab bracing.that might change things a lot. we'll see

KB lateral
hold the kb in the rack position and lift elbow. this is from pavel's original RKC book. not bad, actually
12 kg x 12
14 kg x 12
16 kg x 10

got in a solid one hour full stretchout. love when I have the full hour to get the whole body unlocked!


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