Wednesday, October 24, 2007


After Mondays great workout I knew today would be a bit off but after a really hard work day with tons of demos, stretching, bodywork, and 6 sessions of z I was a bit beat when I got home and had to go out to the dungeon, I mean the gym.When I weighed in at 158 again I knew it was going to be very interesting,since today was snatches and jerks with the 24 kg.
I'm lighter but I feel like I definitely have more muscle than I have had, especially in the shoulders upper back and arms from the snatch volume and the push presses.It's not like I'm dieting at all but you can only eat so many calories in 3-4 hours ( my eating window).

So it was slow going the whole way but I got through it.I could really feel how much muscle work the jerks had taken;especially in the legs and driving the 24 today took much more concentration.After two plus years of disuse my quads have little work capacity.That'll change.
The snatches felt great though and each rep had a two second pause at the top. I am getting used to doing it this way but it is much easier cv wise than my sprint style before. But by doing them slowly I am combining the snatch with all the overhead holds that I had been doing.Have to put those back in the rotation, btw.

Warmup with 5lb clubbells
One arm mills each arm 4 sets of 5


x8/8x6 sets
122 reps
6466 lbs

24kgx5/5x5 sets

These were rough ; not from a strength perspective but from keeping my form through the fatigue.No real problems though.

one arm torch swing
two bell torch swing 10 lbs
one bell torch swing 15 lbs x 10 reps each arm.
one bell torch press
two bell torch press
one bell torch press 15 lbs x5
two bell flag press
one bell flag press 15 lbs x3 HARD!
two bell front press
one bell front press 15 lbs x3
outside/inside swings
two bell pendulum to flag press 10 lbs
one arm cast
two bell casts
one bell two hand barbarian cast 15 lbs x5
two handed arm cast one bell 15 lbs x5

this new bell was way cool but I was SMOKED by the time I got to them. Have to do a workout when I'm fresh soon.

Z drills
15 minutes. I REALLY need this and didnt beleive how much less tension I had when I was done. THis never ceases to amaze me lately.I thought I would be stretching out hard for sure after this but I dont think so.excellent. still some rifga poses but not too spinal lengthening drills are so key even though they are the most basic of the basic.Stand straight, plumb and neutral and push up against gravity. and relax while you do it.
defintely have to back off the volume a bit.

datsit,staying loose.


Franz Snideman said...

Seems like you are really liking the clubbells. Are they hear to stay in your training program?

Rock on Rif!

Mark Reifkind said...

oh yeah absolutely franz. they seem like a good antagonist to the kb.very different stresses on the wrists,elbows and shoulders.
plus I like swinging in the frontal and transverse planes so easily.
they are more rythmic as their is much less acceleration and deceleration.very different from the high force kb work. more controlled,especially all the presses, which works tri's a lot and is another good kb antagonist.
I just have to schedule them first on a day. thinking of adding a forth day of training for it.

Franz Snideman said...

Makes sense. I think I might order myself a pair. Which weight would you recommend. I have used a pair of 15's a couple of years ago and those were challenging for sure!

Mark Reifkind said...

I would start with the tens as I did and really learn the drills. the 15 is pretty freaking heavy for a lot of the moves.