Friday, October 26, 2007

Balancing kettlebells with clubbells.

I've got a good idea now of how to put together a program that allows me to hit both the kettlebell and clubbells exercises I want to train with a decent amount of intensity and recovery.Its very simple

One arm kb swings wk 1 24 kg wk2 28 kg wk3 32 kg
torch press
flag press

One kb push press or jerk wk1 24 kg wk2 20 kg wk 3 16 kg
torch swings
inside/outside pendulums
Rack walks 16 kg

KB Snatches wk 1 16 kg max vo2 wk2 20 kg 10 rep ssst style wk3 24 kg pause reps
arm cast
Rack walk

I think that's it. I can vary the loading and intensity accordingly but that looks like a good distribution of kbs and clubs and alternating of shoulder and hip/back work.What I thought about the locked elbow work of the clubbell being very good for my elbows and shoulders is correct it seems. It is strengthening the joint in a very locked out position which is perfect for me as my elbows hyperextend and its hard to get safe loading on a pretty extended joint.
The clubbells seem to allow this. I just have to NOT go too heavy.

So, 32 kg swings and presses tomorrow.


Aaron Friday said...

I really like this program ~ A swing day, a snatch day, and a press day. Clever how you combine KB swings with CB presses, and vice-versa. I've been thinking about this stuff myself, except with BB instead of CB. I think I've decided on a 3 hard days/wk schedule just like you.

Mark Reifkind said...

its not bad eh? considering for months all I could really do was swing workouts( and was happy to be able to do that)this is a good step up.
balancing the presses and swings with the different implements looks like a good way to go.