Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tracy kicks butt in the USSST

It's called the Ultimate Secret Service Snatch test and the men do it with the two pood and the women the 16 kg. Tracy has been pretty nervous about it since she did 5o set of snatches in the Max Vo2 workout 7 weeks or so ago and hasnt really trained much with the 16 kg in the snatch.
Not to worry though as those mega swing workouts and insane cardio ability let her keep her predetermined pace of 7 reps each arm and NOT put the bell down the whole ten minutes.
For some reason the camera turned off in the middle and even though I got it working again it missed some reps, don't know how many.
But we had the gymboss keeping time and I was marking down each hand switch and adding it via calculator just so there was no mistakes. Tracy knew she did only 6 reps on one side in one of the sets so it was 177 reps and not 178.
Cardio wise I think she was between 85-90% of max so I know she can get to 200 reps no problem.
Here's the start:

Here's the finish. Her splits were definitely faster in the second five minutes than the first.

I am incredibly proud of her ability, her drive and mainly her grit to keep going forward no matter what.She is setting bar very, very high for all women kettlebellers with her incredible work capacity and work ethic.


kyle cesear said...

Tracy is amazing! I looked at some results of GS competiotns and she did better than many of those women!! VO2 works great!

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah but you can't compare the numbers. doing it all with just one hand switch is a totally different game.

Royce said...

OK holy CRAP she is a mutant............:-)