Thursday, February 22, 2007

My wife be buffed.

Yeah, kettlebells don't burn fat and build muscle, it's all hype. Tracy's transformation over the last two years has been mind boggling, to say the least. All she ever wanted, she used to say, is to have arms that made her look like she worked out.
Mission accomplished!


Royce said...

Yup all hype, KB's have no carryover to athletics or muscle building capacity.
Yup the fact that my upper body is gaining muscle so rapidly on a DIET must be simply an anomaly, the fact that even my pecs are geting denser withiout benching, anomoly, the fact that my striking is more explosive now than when I took karate, anomoly.
The fact that some of the strongest guys in the world do and have use/d KB's, coincidence.

What the f@#$ ever, I am so tired of the debate, I don't even care anymore. I freakin love kettlebells, I will never give them up. If anyone listens I will tell explain what I'm doing if they don't want to listen I won't push it, their loss.

I met a fellow KB'r a couple of weeks ago, he was in from out of town and I let him borrow my 20 kilo, whein I gave it to him and returned it we shot the sh*& about kettlebells, it was seriously refreshing to get away from all the nonsense and talk training.
My best friend of almost 20 years is into KB's now too, he knows almost nothing of the debate going on and is totally sold on KB's.
Peace out man sorry for ranting on your blog.
Tracy is amazing by the way, you're a lucky dude.

Mark Reifkind said...

you know me man, I've got the tattoo. :))

They've changed my life in so many ways it's not funny.

oh yeah, rant all you want dude.

Royce said...

The ink kicks ass man!!!
By the way I finally got some JS bands. a mini and a light, I originally got them to hang off my pullup bar so I could do pullup ladders ( wich I will still do obviously ) but I couldn't help putting them around some 'bells and swinging.

53 6-8 reps with mini
70 8-10 reps light
88 6-8 reps light
INSTANTLY felt my hip flexors, I could tell you exactly where they are now. LOL
hit the hammies crazy hard, glutes and quads felt it too, CRAZY, different excersize altogether!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Rif, that's amazing. Congrats to her.

I tightened up my diet starting Jan 2 and hitting the KB's hard, am down 28.5 pounds as of yesterday, will get a rough body fat measurement next Friday (not a pool, a handheld contraption).


Mark Reifkind said...


thanks man. those handheld analysers are fine; you don't need a perfectly exact sinlge number, just something that will measure the trendline consistently.
congrats on the loss.