Tuesday, February 20, 2007


1) It's all easy til it's Heavy.

2) If you're bored , it's not heavy enough.

3) If you seek your limits you will find them.

4) The next step off a peak is always down.

5) One should step down rather than fall off.

6) What you see depends on where you stand.

7) The higher you climb the farther you see.

8) Simple don't mean easy.

9) Avoid random acts of variety.

10) Start at your goal and work backwards.
11) The more injured people are, the better they listen.
12) It's a meal, not a party.

13) You train for sport, you dont do sport to train.

14) If you keep doing what you did you keep getting what you got.

Some stuff I'm always saying I wanted to get down in the same place.


Royce said...

There is a book in each one of those man.
My favorite is still "It's all easy untill it's heavy."

Franz Snideman said...

Simple don't men easy!

Yes, that was basically the point of my last post. Simplicity will always beat out complexity that is too difficult to stick to.

I see a great article coming out of this. If you don't write if for Dragon Door, write it for yo website and let me plug in my newsletter?

Mark Reifkind said...

thnaks guys,not sure about the books but I do find myself saying thsoe things over and over;to myself and to clients and training partners.

Chris said...

It is like soemthing I was discussing with my girlfriend a few weeks ago.

The idea that anything is easy if you can do it or if you know the answer. Until then things are hard. That is why sometimes I think we shouldn't criticise people for getting things wrong - if you know the answer it is easy for you, if you don't it will be hard.

Don't know if I've explained that one well.....

Chris said...

by the way, I was really inspored and challenged by some of those statements....

Dustin Silveri said...

I love each of those! I threw them up on my blog.

Mark Reifkind said...

chris and dustin,

thanks guys.