Friday, February 23, 2007

From 3- 25 snatches per arm

Back in 2002, before I even thought about becoming RKC I loved training the KB snatch and wanted to do 25/25 reps per arm as those were the Level 1 Razryad numbers necessary for 80 kg men with the 24 kg KB. I got those from Pavels Russian Kettlebell Challenge book.

I could do 8-10 snatches per arm pretty easily but didnt know how to increase it to the 25 level I needed.Luckily Coach Ethan Reeve was writing on dragon door about his density training programs and I put together a snatch cycle based on it that looked like this.
First, you doubled the total number of reps you needed to get in the test for the volume for the workout.I needed 50 so I had to do 100 reps per workout. I was to do low reps but high sets and slowly increase the reps and decrease the sets over time until I could do 4 sets of 15/15. That was supposed to equate to 1x25/25

So the cycle looked like this:

week one 16 sets of 3/3 ( 96 reps)

two 13 sets of 4/4 ( 104 reps)

three 10 sets of 5/5 ( 100 reps)

four 8 sets of 6/6 (96 reps)

five 7 sets of 7/7 (98 reps)

six 6 sets of 8/8 ( 96 reps)
seven 6 sets of 9/9( 108 reps)

eight 5 sets of 10/10 ( 100 reps)

nine 5 sets of 11/11( 110 reps)

ten 4 sets of 12/12 ( 96 reps)

eleven 4 sets of 13/13 (104 reps)

twelve 3 sets of 14/14( 84 reps)

thirteen 4 set sof 15/15 ( 120 reps)

fourteen 1 set of 25/25

Slow, boring and tedious but it brought me home right on the money! AS Pavel says, do you want strength or entertainment? Many liked to compress the rest periods but I didnt need to push that much. Just increaesing the volume worked wonders.Nice little natural wave loading built into the equation as well.


Royce said...

Alright man, I am getting fired up reading this, just plain old hardcore training!!

Check your e-mail!!

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah baby.sets and reps,sets and reps.