Friday, June 10, 2005

The Two Pood.

The two pood kettlebell is a thick, imposing beast. It just sits there, looking very different from the 53 pounder; like heavyweight powerlifter looking at a runner. Knowing how much bigger and stronger he is without having to say it.

I love when I get to throw it around. As I keep getting lighter it seems to get bigger every week so it's important I do something with it to stay close.

Too tired to do any endurance today I pressed. Havent pressed anything really in a month. Shoulders are feeling good. A coincidence?

bottoms up press
36x3+3 both shoulders actually feel okay.
44x1+1 yes!
53x1+1!!!! PR! excellent. good control. the fact that my shoulders didnt hurt as I pressed helped.
53xX+X a couple attempts each side but loosing it midway. tigher LATS.
53x1+1!!went up SO EASY. hit a groove and it popped!used my whole body but these are SOOOO tough. have to be tight all over
44x2+2 PR this was strong

regular clean/press
53x5+5 easy
72x3+3! not bad although right arm is loosing it if its the second arm on the last rep.
72x3+2 right arm
72x3+3 man these are tough after the bottoms ups too.

one arm cleans
72x5+5x3 these were strong. short rest/sets

kb arm bar
72x3+3 this is a pr too. strong day for feeling so tired :]]

under and over flips with 1 pood. Inside the gym so I had to make them! love this stuff. ten minutes. used the 44 for the first time

farmers walk
36 and 44 in rack and farmers combo walks . 20o feet repeats. three times. these are really helping my gate and my shoulder. have to do them fresh one day.


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