Wednesday, June 29, 2005

two a days

Did two pretty decent workouts today. The first at Girya Kettlebell Bootcamp in the park! Took Monicas class and threw around the one pood for a solid half hour nonstop. havent dont that since Mikes swing madness. Then I taught the next class for 20 minutes and we did tons more swings! Light stuff feels so nice.

1 pm
swing flip squats( suprisingly tired from this am!)
53x10x8 sets this wasnt grueling but it was hard. short rests/sets. squat position feels great. very balanced between left and right legs

36x5+5x5 just form work. right shoulder hasnt been liking these lately.With the arm out to the side and not overhead it feels good. Its just the corkscrew ending that is hard to keep my traps down.

bottoms up cleans

had to stop for work.

not bad .

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