175/185 lb press 8 sets of 2, 24 kg speed swings, wt bar pushups, new shoe

 This went great! My theory held out and the higher heeled Oly shoe, with this new technique, really made it easier to get my hips in front of the bar and hold them there as I pressed.It was a bit different of course but these are some of the best reps I have ever done in the press

The cues worked, well, on cue:

1) unrack and spot the X on the ceiling

2) press hips forward ( without leaning back OR letting the bar travel forward with the hip

3) press bar to face as I initiate press

I noticed a few reps where the bar moved forward as I reset the hip for the second rep and that's as bad as it going back. It has to stay motionless as I press hips forward. That's a key component I think

As is pressing the bar to the face. Can't believe I never tried this as I was missing reps forward all the time for years!

But now I get it


65 85 105 x 2

135 x 2
155 x 2

175 x 2 x 4

185 x 2 x 4

couldn't be happier with this especially since I just learned it. So much deeper to go with it

24 kg speed swings
5 x 8/8

wore the Reebok shoes, felt surprisingly good. Very stable and let me really get in my legs. Will wear them Sat with the 44 kg

Wt V pbar pushups
bw x 10
3 x 10 with 53 lbs
Love this new v angle, about 45 degrees. False grip feels great

BW 177.2
BF 14.3

feel better at this weight now than at 175. Waist has come back in and pants fit perfectly again


Chris said…
Watching the videos all the cues make sense.

By the way I’m in the process of ditching Facebook and back to looks it directly st blogs.
Mark Reifkind said…
cool. thanks for coming over and commenting as well. back to the old days, where it all started for me ,lol. The key is seems for my press is making sure my hips get ahead of the bar but my torso doesn't lean back. lots to go to master it but at least I think this is the correct technique

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