Wednesday, July 11, 2018

24 kg PushBand Test one arm swings, strict press 5x5 walking lunges

Well this didn't go as planned. I followed brett's 24 kg swing protocol AKA 044 from pavel's strongendurance course and got some shitty numbers , despite feeling like the bell was flying seriously fast!

don't know what's up but I can't swing it any harder or faster and still the numbers are shite

One arm swings
Left arm 5 reps per set ( 1.5- 2 min rest between arms(
x 5 sets
Right arm 5 reps per set, same est
x 5 sets

x three rounds
 150 reps

average velocity per rep was from .83 - .93  for left arm and max velocity was 1.92 m/s

for right arm is was average velocity was .94 - 1.07 and max velocity was 1.75 ms

for left arm average power was 372 watts ( !) and peak was 728! that sucks. but I don't have how it could move that fast and have so little watts compared to brett's almost 2000 watts

any way it was tough! especially over time. I could really concentrate on keeping max acceleration on every rep of every set and the damn thing took 53 minutes! too long. I didn't enjoy this at all. I basically swing as hard as I can, ( and feels safe- i could feel myself on the edge of 'trying too hard')

experiment over. back to my training

45 x 5
65 x 5
85 x 3
115 x 5
120 x 5 x 5

this was hard.! the hour of max effort swings really took it out of me . plus another super hot day. no excuses but it was what it was

Really tried to lay back first as I pressed but I have to be careful, it's a VERY fine line as to how much is too much! I can lose balance backwards too. Not good

walking lunges
 3 laps of 40


BW 171.6
BF 12.7

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