Monday, July 09, 2018

200 lb Strict press MISS x 3, wt pushups 40kg belt squat compound laterals

This was strange. My normal  apprehensions when going for a weight I've never tried before but I felt relatively good going in. And as usual the most important, and difficult part of all this is controlling the mind. Or trying to. Or trying not to. Or. whatever.

Think about it and mentally rehearse it or not to as to not pre start.Ack. Then I realized that I have to think about the form on the warmups and NOT the top set.
and that's what got me through. I started mentally rehearsing the warm upsets and how I wanted them to go and it felt right. No adrenaline, fear of success or failure. Just a dispassionate step by step approach to what I wanted to do.

And it worked GREAT til 200. 190 flew up faster than I have ever done it and was still accelerating at the top for the first time. I didn't tape it as I didn't want to over focus on the weight but it would be nice to have that one. Perfect timing on the layback and press and it proved to me that if I do it right it will fly just like that.

Walkouts ALL felt light too! and I noted that each time I took the weight out. Just not back far enough fast enough

Strict press
45 x 5
95 x 3
115 x 2
135 x 1 155 x 1 fast!
170 x 1 fast also!
180 x 1 no prob
190 x 1 fastest ever!
200 x X
       x X
       x X


Wt pushups
bw x 10
53 x 10
85 x 8 x 3 nice no problem

40 kg belt squat
4 sets of 15

close stance

compound laterals
3 sets of 10/10 with 15's

BW 172.2
BF 11.7 ? going down
W 57.1  very strange this too


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