Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tough Ruck

Kind of surprising. Things started out very well and I thought it would be another fast and easy one. It wasn't. Nothing hurting,legs were just tired , all over, and energy was low'ish. Yesterday was a tough one on the legs and glutes and I was feeling it today.

Times weren't bad at all though, but the non timed laps were just a bit slower; this turned out to be more of an interval workout than steady state

49lb Ruck
12 laps
10 iso squats 20 seconds ea
5th lap 7:55
9th lap 7:37
11th lap 7:32

I thought the last lap was faster than that but then I was shot and the 12th lap to home was definitely slower.

BW 162.8
BF 12
W 56.7

so looking at the heavy swing day schedule if I switch the 44 and 48 weeks it will look like this, with a corresponding switch of the wed workload as well

10 week cycle
wk1 32 kg sat  20 min wed
wk 2 36 kg sat 12 min wed
wk 3 40 kg sat                    17 min wed
wk 4 44 kg sat 10 x 5/5      10 min wed
wk 5 48 kg sat 10 x 10/10   15 min wed
wk 6 32 kg sat  20 min wed
wk 7 36 kg sat  15 min wed
wk 8 40 kg sat  10 min wed
wk 9 44 kg sat  10 x 10/10  17 min wed
wk 10 48 kg 10 x 5/5           12 min wed

I think that is right! I want an easy sat before each peak 10/10 saturday.I want to alternate hard efforts either for weight or time AND prep for the next session! not an easy task.I think this will work

ok either 130 or 135 lb presses tomorrow not sure yet


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