Sunday, June 12, 2016

Stepping back ruck- kind of.

I had solid intentions of really backing off today; it's been 3 weeks of solid increases in speed in my rucks along with the regular increases in swing load . So when I woke up pretty tired and sore today I knew it was a good idea. I wasn't even going to time any laps, just go  for a walk at whatever pace my body took me on.

But when the first lap was easy and second loose and strong I figured I would time the third just to see what an easy pace now consisted of.

Surprise to see 7:58 on the clock! It was nice and cool this morning with a brisk wind which always helps me but that is fast. What once was the old 'high' is now the bottom. Legs felt loose, back felt good and lungs felt open from the get.

It was all good til the tenth lap when I bonked a bit. Took it easy on the lap then pushed the 11th to see where I was and it was great 7:24! With no problem. So odd but so nice

49 lb ruck
1 hr 55 min
12 laps 10 iso squats three stances
3rd lap 7:58
7th lap 7:43
11th lap 7:24!!

very weird indeed. pack felt like nothing on my back

  first weigh in 5 am
BW 161 .4
BF 13.8 !!!
W 55.7 SO weird

after the ruck
BW 159.2
BF 12.3
W 56.6

SO how do I sweat like a pig for two hours drink NO fluids and have my water go UP?
Not sure why my water has been down for the last few days as I have been upping my carbs a little with coconut water, a few high fiber bars that have 15 gms of carbs in them and basically getting close to  65 -75 gms of carbs a day instead of 50

Usually I hold  more water when I do this and my BF goes down as hydration goes up.

Ok back to presses tomorrow and 125 lbs for sets and reps


Serge Redding Olympic lifter extraordinaire

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