Monday, May 02, 2016

105 lb Military Press, 36 kg belt squat, floor pushups, crawls, side/rear delts

This was interesting. Glenn is out of town so it was a perfect time for the de load. I also took the video from the front and got some very important data
The first sets I taped I saw my left arm/elbow much more out to the side than my right! Like 20 degrees more. That was shocking and could definitely explain my left tricep, front delt weirdness. BUT, is the pain causing the elbow out or the elbow out causing the pain?

Personally I think it's my scoliosis that sets all of this up. On the third sets I tucked the elbow in but it looked basically the same on tape. Then, I moved my grip IN an inch, An offset grip. Bingo! As even as in the above set. Not perfect but way better.

And neither the shoulder nor triceps twinged at all either after I did that.
Got to look at the movement from all angle. Big mistake on my part, I should have done that much earlier.

No wonder the tricep and shoulder didn't like that position. It had no real support under it! This way the arm gets the needed support from the ribcage and lat.

But from a workload perspective this was very strong 6x6 was no problem at all work wise. and that's good. Next week 115 for 6x6 and see how that goes

Mil Press
stick x 5 x 2
bar x 5 x 2
65 x 5
85 x 5
105 x 6 x 6 PR

never did this much work with this much weight before, I'll take it :) A pr is a pr

Belt squats
36 kg x 10, 12, 14, 16

on ten lb plates

Started out playing with front squats again but really don't "feel" this move, Except, as usual in my shoulders, which I don't like at all

Floor pushups
not strong. was hoping for 4 sets of 25 but it wasn't there. didn't push it.Just energy wise - shoulder is fine. it was hot too

2 x 25
1 x 20
1 x 16

86 total still not bad

3 x 60 ft


Side delts / rear delts
2 sets of 12 each with 15 lbs
need to up the volume here. probably do both exercises each workout for 3 sets

ok day off tomorrow
no vertigo at all today!!

BW 163,2
BF 11.5
W 57.1

had more carbs. gave in to two big shortbread cookies. Interesting though. When I eat more carbs( still under 100 gm)my weight goes up and my bodyfat goes down. always. and my hydration goes up too.
very predictable.


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