Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving ruck

After that disaster Monday night I am even more thankful than usual for my health and ability to move like a normal human being again. And of course my beautiful wife and family, but that goes without saying.

I came back strong and today's ruck was fast and easy as well

46 lb pack
Six laps
55  min total time
3rd lap= 8:10
5th lap = 8:00

 Bw  163.4
Bf 13.4 %
W 55. 6 %

ok one day off then a MEGA Beast workout 7 sets of 9/9 and 3 sets of 8/8

I am taking today off the keto diet and eating my bodyweight in stuffing, mashed potatoes and desserts. Perhaps some turkey too but that takes up so much space :0 )


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