Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Ruck. rucking in the rain

LOL it was a wet one today! Great storm and we were pretty much right in the middle of it. Got to use my new rain coat and it worked great. Plus my nice sand track was wet and soggy so i got the extra work of rucking in soft sand so that was fun too.
Felt like a kid purposely walking in the puddles.
 It was beautiful out, I always loved to run in the rain, cycle- not so much- but running was always very calming. Plus the air is supercharged with negative ions and that's fun too:)

Felt solid today despite not doing a long one last week until the start of lap ten. Then it got hard. the last lap was very hard. Legs and calves were just tired. Yesterday's hack squats were felt. In a good way but definitely felt.

But, we got it done
 54.5 lbs ruck
12 laps
5 iso squats
10th lap = 8:15
1 hr 55 min total time

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