Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday ruck : super strong and fast

This was a surprise as well. Not only strong but fast.
Very cold out this morning ( 34 deg) and clear. Made adjustments and wore a long sleeve shirt :) Once I get going the only thing's that cold are my arms.
But no residual anything from yesterdays Pr with the Beast. First time that's ever happened. We started out very slow but each lap got faster and faster finishing with close to a PR lap!
I'm keeping the pack weight at 50 lbs on Sunday now, I may up Thursday weight; make sense- short and heavy rather than long and heavy but we'll see.
Suffice to say my high fat low carb diet is not hurting my strength endurance OR recovery but it's a big surprise to me, actually.

50 lbs
12 laps
5 iso squats
1 hour 52 minutes ( pr)
3rd lap= 8:24
5th lap= 8:10
7th lap 8:00
9th lap 7:55
11th lap: 7:45!!

and considering what I did yesterday I'm even more amazed. Love it

tomorrow will be 120 lb presses hopefully for 5 sets of 3 old pr is 5 sets of 2


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