Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Ruck: Strong

Very solid twelve laps today,especially on day four of very low carbos. Kind of a surprise but a good one.
Not shooting for ketosis just yet; just inching my way into the change although the carbs are very low. My only "breaks" are one yoghurt with none of the filling ( noosa ah I'm going to miss that) and the wine which although is low carb feels like it's cheating but hey I didn't make the rules

No real side effects from yesterday  either

50 lbs Ruck ( down 4.5 lbs from last week. it's heavy enough I think)
1:50 min
twelve laps
6th lap = 8:05
11th lap 7:55 !

bw 164.4
bf 12.5 %
w 56.6%

strange numbers I thought I'd be lighter. feel much harder overall

this is fast as we've gone the course. felt very strong the whole time although, like last week, hammies are more tired than usual

if things go well it's 115 lbs for sets of 5 in the press tomorrow


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