Wednesday, November 18, 2015

24 kg speed swings, 17 min, walking lunges, parallel pushups, rear delts

This was a tough one today. Just not taking enough time to 'gear down' mentally before I hit the gym for 17 min straight of as high intensity reps as I can. Have to make sure to use the drive home on Wednesdays to really get in the zone before i do these high volume workouts.

If I don't, I waste too much time in the first 5-7 min getting my head out of my ass. right now I'm working right up til I hit the gym and that's gotta stop. the drive home is a perfect 30 min transition that I'm not taking advantage of. now I will

It wasn't that bad and power output wasn't that low but I've done better. but the good news is that even though it was a tough day it still got done and it was ok. Started double breathing about 7- 8 minutes in and that's never a good sign. That made it much easier though and around 11 minutes I settled down mentally and got to a strong place.
I'm a slow warmer upper :)

Speed swings, 24 kg
34 sets of 10 15;15
340 reps
17 min
18,020 lbs! 9 tons!

Walking lunges
4 sets of 40 sets

no weight yet but good solid lunges. last two sets unbroken which really sucked

Parallel pushups
4 sets of 20 solid

db rear delts
3 sets of 15 with 15 lbs

ok ruck up tomorrow
bw 165.4
bf 12.5%

starting to lower carbs, increase fats, especially coconut oil and products and starting to think about a ketogenic diet.
I'm close now just have to drop yoghurt and change my evening meal to fats and proteins. Just NOT giving up red wine no matter what :)



Monika said...

Dr. Loren Cordain, and Mark Sisson changed my life, with their Paleo, Primal diet, even before I started training a year ago.
I feel SO much better now.
And you really should not give up red wine! :o) I'm not giving up my 10% in my coffee. :o)

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Monika and i don't plan on giving up red wine or anyone :) or my coffee/I have tended towards a high fat, high veg diet for years, this is just taking it to the next level