Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Ruck 47.5 lbs

Since I'm out of town this weekend at the StrengthMatters summit I decided to use the full weight ruck for today's short one. It wasn't easy, especially after yesterdays work. But it got done.

Ruck wt 47.5
one hour
7276 steps
Continuous , no iso squats

this was tough. very hot and was sweating bullets. this will take some adaptation. the lowas continue to fit better every walk very solid pace with Tracy along as well. This heat training is important as I know the Ft Bragg ruck will be in summer and hot as hell.

I am NOT heat conditioned at all of late. Haven't done Bikrams in many years. that did help. as well as being 147 lbs ,lol


Diana said...

Have a great weekend at the summit! So many lucky people learning the best from the best!

Mark Reifkind said...

thans Diana, it was a very very good weekend and event