Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thurday Ruck strong and fast

Not too banged up from yesterday. Hamstrings more sore than expected and shoulder was tight on wakeup
Had a full hour+ for stretchout and that helped a lot. Did some hanging rows from the TRX and that seemed surprisingly good for the shoulder. did another 3 sets throughout the morning and it felt very 'right'. Will continue.

Decided to work the shoulder's ROM more aggressively throughout the day as well and spend WAY more time with my arm overhead any way I can. Lots of arm lifts in every angle that I could think of focusing on moving from the shoulder blade and not the hand.
It seemed to have helped as well. We'll see,

Did two sets of 3 minutes passive waiting out the tension , It worked 'so so' but perhaps it will get better.Also spent time hanging from the pullup bar and that was obvious I haven't been doing enough of it! Could barely get my heels to the ground and I used to be completely flat footed!  LOTS of tightness in ribs serratus, abs, etc. Time to get back on that too

one hour
6 laps
37.4 lb pack

solid pace around 8:15  per lap. Boots are wearing in fine and feet didn't hurt at all. Solid walk

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