Wednesday, March 25, 2015

24 kg Swing Vo2 15 min, walking lunges, parallel pushups, leopard crawls

Back to work.

These weren't that hard but I expected it to be easier, frankly. I hit all the sets on the 15 sec mark but I had to start double breathing around the 8 minute mark, which surprised me. I was ready to go longer into the recovery time but it wasn't necessary.
Trying to keep peak acceleration up was the hard thing. Even the 24 kg gets heavy when you get tired.
Still, all in all a successful workout with this.
I want this day to be about speed so I'm wondering do I cycle the weights ( i.e 20 ,22, 24 kg) or just the time/sets ( 15, 17 20 minutes) ? Only time will tell I guess and for now we'll try to up the time each week the re cycle.
Just an experiment

Swing Vo2
24 kg
10 reps per set
30 sets
300 reps
15,900 lbs work

I was breathing like a freight train towards the end . sounds terrible but it's the best way for me to get enough O2.. I remember breathing like this when I was climbing hills on my race bike, too. :) Feels about the same. Ack.

Walking Lunges
4 laps of 40 steps

these felt excellent today, especially after the swing torture. balances out my leg tension too; this is quads the swings hips and hams

Parallel bar pushups
15, 15, 14, 12

these were solid too

Spent a lot of time today stretching my right arm overhead statically for long periods as well as doing lots of little PNF type rom stuff with bodyweight as well as very light object ( 2 lbs) Not moving it much hasn't helped so I'm going to move it a lot

Leopard crawls
3 laps of 70 ft.
these felt strong for the first time in forever. about freaking time!

Light ruck tomorrow. Looking forward to it really missed Sunday's hike


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