Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Ruck steady and slow

As is usually the case after a beast swing workout the next day's ruck is slow and hard. Nothing sore(especially my lower back) validating my theory on the oly shoes for swinging, again. But the calves, thighs and glutes were pretty tired for the first 8 laps then just plain beat for the last four.

This is basically "pre- exhaust" training, ala the old bodybuilding technique of doing isolation exercises before compound ones to really target a muscle.Pretty much the same here and by the last laps it was as much a mental exercise as it was physical.

Just put one leg in front of the other.:) Don't quit and , towards the end don't even stop because it makes it harder

Got my iso squats in about 9 sets as some sets it was just easier to keep moving

47.4 lbs ruck
twelve laps
two hours 10 minutes
17,300 steps! must have been walking with small strides

time to roll and stretch out and a hot bath!

presses tomorrow


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