Sunday, March 08, 2015

Sunday Ruck, strongest ever

Two things, when you substitute a weight in your ruck, weigh it first.
Two, you just never know when you're going to be very strong.

I subbed out 10 lbs of kitty litter for a ten lbs plate. The second back of litter was making the pack too bottom heavy so I put the plate in a pouch very close to my back in the ruck. It made it much more carry-able.

Also,my lowas definitely loosened up and felt the most comfortable yet. They aren't supposed to need breaking in , but as light as they are they are still a real hiking boot and were way stiffer than my combat boots the first four times out. Much better today and I can see how they will adapt and shape to my feet.

And the ruck walk was my strongest ever. I didn't get a chance to stretch out due to day light saving time so I just geared up and got going but I was strong from the start. Legs felt good, back was awesome ( swinging with the oly shoes has had a great effect on my back as well) and each lap was FAST

I timed the 6th lap and it was around 8 min even without even trying. Last lap was 7 :43 easy

Also ten iso squats for 30-45 seconds each. strong too.

But when I got home and weighed the pack it was only 44.8 lbs!!!! SO I weighed the 10 lb plate : 7.8 lbs!!! shit.
Now I don't think the extra weight would have made that much of a negative difference but it pissed me off.
Added in another 2.5 lb plate that actually weighs 2.5 lbs Back up to 47.4 lb of last week

Plenty of time to walk more and heavier :)

44.8 lb ruck
15,891 steps
two hours 5 min

good stuff presses tomorrow



Rob O'Brien said...

Two weeks out from 26.2. I have been told it will take us 12-13 hours. I appreciate your support!

Mark Reifkind said...

that's just a lot of time on your feet. wear good boots man. and thanks again for doing this I wish I could.
eventually :)