Tuesday, May 03, 2011

28 and 32 kg Long Cycle presses

Get my stitches out tomorrow and since I was on schedule to press the 32 kg last week and couldn't ,I figured it would be nice to get as close to it as I could today without feeling like I was taking any risk of ripping something out just before I got to the Docs.

Didn't plan on being so strong,lol. As I love to say you just have to be ready to grab it when it shows up and it showed it's face today. I grabbed and caught :))

Got my normal hour of stretching and mobilizing this morning and that always helps but it's also nice when I actually feel good DURING the stretchout and can make real progress as opposed to just getting myself out of pain and or super stiffness.

Been spending tons of time in my ( approximation of) a thai squat using the foot position advocated by Kelly Starrett and it's working consistently as my knees feel fine and i'm getting deeper and deeper, albeit it millimeter by millimeter.Also lots of rkc hip flexor stretch v 2.0 has really been helpful as well.

The next addition to the training schedule will be bodyweight squats for reps. I can't wait to be able to train the squat again,in whatever fashion. Also time to get back to pullup training and hanging leg raises as the level 2 cert is looming closer every day.

I got some good video of my 28 kg press AND my 32 kg press but left the camera at the studio so here's the last decent 32 kg press I did for more than 1 rep. Done Jan 17 of this year

I'll get todays press up tomorrow:))

one arm swings
16kg x 5/5/5 x3
16 kg cleans 5/5 x2

long cycle clean and press
16 kg x5/5
20 kg x3/3
24 kg x2/2

28 kg x2/2
32 kg x3/3
LOL! that's crazy! I was feeling so strong this morning( whenever I can make decent weight jumps I feel strong) that although I had decided to do the 2/3/4 ladder twice I grabbed the 32 kg and press that instead.

I had done singles a few weeks ago and wanted at least a double.
But after the clean went so well I rushed the first rep a bit,didn't fully engage my lat enough and the internal rotation won vs external and my arm didn't stay vertical at the lockout. No biggie, it still motored up but I was pissed. It felt so light.

SO instead of doing two I did two more reps for a triple which I can't remember when I've done. My right side motored too! Doing more than a few sets and reps with lighter weights really warms me and greases the groove.

Kind of like Russian Powerlifting coach Boris Sheyko's protocols which might have the athlete pressing for 3x5 with 75 %, 2x3 with 80% before going to 2x2 or 3 with 90%. LOTS of volume and it worked well today. I'm old. I need a lot of warming up ;}}

I wanted to make amends for the crappy first rep so I did enough set ,2x2 and it was solid,. Nice

I felt so good I made Tracy try a 20 kg press for her first time ever and she made it! She was surprised but I wasn't . That will be a regular weight for her very soon. Just to be safe I 'mind spotted' her but she did it strongly.

That video will go up tomorrow too.

Two hand clubbell arm cast
20 x10/10
25 x10/10
35 x10/10 pr
35 x8/8

One arm shield cast
15 lbs x10/10 x 3

bodyblade laterals

these all went great and I even was going fast enough to add in the one arm shields. two hands on sat, singles on tues.

pretty soon the 32 kg will be my day to day long cycle weight.



Boris Terzic said...

Good work with the 32's those things ain't easy! Also I too am a fan of Sheyko's training cycles.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks.the 32 SHOULD be easy for me :))

I was always too broke up to try sheyko cycles when I was powerlifting but it seems I've adopted this style( as opposed to wsb) for my kb training. same basic exercises witha variety of low rep loads at each percentage.I like simple.

Cheapwowgold said...
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