Thursday, May 05, 2011

Swipes/ Snatches Double split, more ankle/squat revelations.

Now that I am stitch free and got the okay to train for real I was itching to get going this AM.Had a 3o min break so I decided to split up todays workout again and do my swipes early.

I didn't want to just test( done enough of that) but actually train the swipe but knew I had to start out light and ramp back up slowly. I figured a moderate rep ladder was in order.

5:30 am
30 min stretch and mobility work. lots of thai squats and downward dogs held for 1-2 minutes at a time."camping out" as K Star would say. I love this technique and was going in that direction myself for cueing as trying to teach people to actually stretch with PNF or other techniques had been proving SO fruitless.

Teaching people to breath and stretch simultaneously is near impossible for me it seems. And for most students. Why? I just don't know but people had a harder time learning how to stretch and breathe into the stretch more than any other technique I teach. So I really really like the cue to 'camp out' in a position when you find the tightness and STAY THERE for 2-3 minutes.

That'll teach you to relax in the stretched position ,lol.

This whole thing with pointing the feet straight, externally rotating the foot( and hence the tibia) and pushing the knees out as you squat down has been revelatory for me. I had just about given up on figuring out how to get my left knee to bend properly, hell, at ALL, and I thought, although I didnt' KNOW ,that much of the problem was in my ankle( didn't think about the foot).

When my ankle wasn't sitting properly my knee hurt more than and bent less than, normal. Little did I know it was my foot setting the stage improperly to not allow the knee to bend correctly.

I've been testing it with almost all my clients and am having almost 100% success with people squatting deeper, with straighter spines, more upright,in closer stances and with no knee pain or even sensation. The torque places all the stress through the lateral side of the leg and into the hip/glute and it's an amazing feeling for someone like me that never quite grokked how to squat correctly.

Now I can't stop squatting( still supported ) all throughout the day and I can feel my knee opening up more and more everyday. I KNEW IT! Setting it up right, getting the popliteus to work right and open up the knee and SUPPORT it as I descend makes all the difference when you are missing almost all of the supportive ligaments in a joint, lol.

Can't imagine how powerful this would be with two knees that bent all the way.

9:30 am
2 CB Swipes
10 lbs x 20
140 reps
15 lb CB swipes
x 10 x 5 sets

total =190 reps.

this was easy and hard at the same time. need this type of work to build a bigger base for endurance as well as the lower rep per set work to clean up technique.

2 pm Snatch Vo2

OK, this was tough, lol. Nothing gets me in cardio shape faster than snatch Vo2 but nothing gets tougher faster after you haven't done it, for even a few weeks than snatch Vo2! My form was ALL over the place and I couldn't get comfortable at all.

I finally opened up my stance a bit and that was a little better but what I should have done was some higher rep, slower sets and let my groove settle. Trying to move fast when you're not sure of how to move is never a good idea.

The 90 freakin' degrees in the garage didn't help at all. Time to bring the fans out. Hard to believe just last week I was freezing,lol.

Snatch vo2
16 kg
35 sets of 7
245 reps
8820 lbs

One so nice thing about max training is that the pounds add up so quickly.

Very COLD Shower. The longest one yet. This is going to be a great thing this summer.



Diana said...

How did you get that number 8820 for total weight for your MaxVo2 workout?
I think this just be the dumbest question I've ever asked..

Mark Reifkind said...


not dumb at all. multiply the number of reps x the weight and you get the total weight lifted in lbs.

Jack said...

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