Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nice new addition

My latest purchase.These are actual gymnastics comp wood rings and I can't wait to get them.There is nothing like the feel of a real wood ring set. Plastic doesn't come close
Being able to play again on these will be simply amazing, no matter how beginning level it will be.Of course it is not insignificant that I feel restored enough to finally be able to play with the tool that destroyed my shoulder, finished my gymnastics carrier, my Olympic dreams and my sanity.( at least for awhile,lol).

It is more than symbolic it is epic.

The OTHER and more crucial new addition to my tool box today : double overhead presses with 24's! Who would've thunk it? Three years ago I couldn't get both arms overhead at all, much less press anything overhead with any semblance of good form and today, was able to comfortably do multiple sets of long cycle clean and military press with the 24 kg bells and it wasn't that hard at all.

Nor should it be as it's not that heavy, but when you are fighting the restriction of almost all of your body at the same time as the weight it becomes a different story. But it's been a great year for seeing the actual results of my attempts to 'restore lost physical function' as the dvd says.

First presses with one arm, then, two hand swings,handstands, then a serious increase in knee ROM and now double presses and pullups. Crazy! Just in March when I went up to Seattle for the HKC and met with Tom Corrigan and we talked about doing jerks I told him straight out it would be forever, maybe never, that I would be putting two bells overhead with my T spine and shoulder issues.

Well I guess I spoke too soon. Not to mention being wrong. I guess this is the kind of mistake I can live with,lol.
Next up are squats, which will be the best of the best,although this is pretty close because if I can do these, I can also do handstand pushups! and that will be seriously seriously cool.

6-7 am full stretchout, overhead emphasis.

8:30 am
long cycle clean and press/doubles
2/14's x5x2
2/16's x5
2/20's x 5

2/24's x 3
x5 PR~!

these were crazy strong and easy, although I don't have a real groove yet. Was kind of hunt and peck and I was searching for the best line to push through as well as the best eye/head position( which I think this video set demo's.

Had no idea I could do anything more than the 16's as usually when I do double swings or cleans the palm down technique requires me to open my stance up so much I lose all hip power. So I chose to use the thumb up technique and it allowed me to close my stance enough so these were fine.

I was careful to not armbar myself on the back swing but my elbows are bendy that way anyway.I've noticed most LC clean and jerk GS athletes are using this technique as well and with close stances. Very exciting!
So strange to do a bilateral push again as it's been since 2003 since I bench presses or did dips.This is a strong movement for me so it will be fun seeing where this will go. Right now I can see using the 28's no problem and the 32's in a few months when I get the groove down and build bit of a foundation.

It also gives me five varieties of presses to do one each tuesday workout:
long cycle single clean and press
short cycle single clean and press
long cycle double clean and press
short cycle double clean and press

I know I 'm nuts but this stuff gets me going. I love to move, and train and explore with my body and what my body can do.Moving strongly like the human animal I am is when I am most at home in this world. Always has been and I suspect always will be.

That I am coming back from such LACK of movement and strength is a freaking miracle and I fully recognize that and give thanks. Every day. Every day. Every day.

Tactical Scapula Pullups s/s with two hand clubell arm casts
6,6,6,7 20 lbs x 10/10
25 lbs x10/10
35 lbs x 5/5

Two hand shield casts
20 lbs x10/10

did these a bit differently than usual as I didn't stop in guard position but kept the bell 'swirling' for lack of a better term. I was thinking helicopter when I was doing them. It was light so I wanted to keep things in constant motion. Very cool.

Pullups were easy and moving higher and higher each workout. Good hollow body position too. So different than bodybuilder pullups.
Should NOT have supersetted them with the arm casts as my lats were serious toast! I don't want to disrespect the 35 lber. It's no joke.

Cant wait to get the rings and start off with planks with my feet at various heights and working my external rotators on these. The Starrett mobwod which highlighted this move was very interesting.
Now that I really understand the importance, the criticalness of torque in the hip and shoulder all kinds of light bulbs are going off, and the gymnastics coaching cue for the rings of "keep the rings turned out all the time" now really makes sense.

I see planks, the supports, L sits, prone pushups, ring dips and shoulder stands. To start,lol.

SO wish I would have known this stuff 35 years ago,lol, but ain't that true of almost everything.

datsit. Speed snatches and clubs tomorrow.


Rafael said...

Hi Rif , you can explain more about this part

" I was careful to not armbar myself on the back swing but my elbows are bendy that way anyway.I've noticed most LC clean and jerk GS athletes are using this technique as well and with close stances. "

And why you dont use GS style?

jockeRKC said...

We are not getting older just better ;) Nice to see you with Doubles must fell good to do it again and with no pain .

Mark Reifkind said...


doing the backswing of a swing or clean with the thumbs forward can result in hyperextension of the elbow( "armbar myself") if one doesn't know how to do it correctly. It's not a beginning technique.

I don't use GS style because my emphasis is on Hardstyle and max power/speed for most of my work.

I adapted this technique so I could not have to use such a wide stance with double bells.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Joakim, being able to play with double presses is very exciting. next step push presses and then perhaps jerks as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rif,

so good to see you on work with double kettlebells ;-)

Great work Rif!!
Let it flow.....

Take care!

Anonymous said...
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