Friday, May 13, 2011

"Hunting for your business"

That's what I was doing yesterday morning at 5:45 am. I am so pumped up by the 10 degrees increase in ROM in my left knee after using KStars Thai Squat foot position and squat technique that I am into my stretching and mobility drills like never before.Not to mention dropping into a squat all throughout the day. SO nice to NOT have my knee hurt when I try to bend it and to see it bending more and more and more everyday.

10 degrees increase in 3 weeks or so is pretty good. If I can get the knee to 120 degrees I might be able to avoid a knee replacement!

Starretts approach to self myofascial release , PNF stretching and the "dig it out of the muscle" approach to trigger points and 'glued down' muscles is exactly how I feel about deep tissue work and mobility/flexbility work. I thought I was going down the right path and I now I KNOW I am.

I love his " camp out there" approach to stretching. Yeah, find the tight spot, hunt the corners of the movement for the tightness/pain AND JUST STAY THERE.

That'd be my approach too. And has been. I was doing Starrett before he was :))

The idea that the pain of deep tissue work, foam rolling pain, "digging out the pain" in adhered,glued down, tight restricted muscles was BAD for them and was to be avoid with ONLY attempts at restoring movement with just movement made ZERO sense to me and still does.It negates the entire HISTORY of the health benefits of massage as well.

That dog won't hunt, no matter what the "science" is.
What the science is today. Wait a sec, science will change it's mind. Again. It always does. Me, I'll go with what seems to work. I don't know how my computer works but I can still use it. Same with my car and many other things.

I might not be able to explain, to anyone's contentment, why what I do for my training or recovery works but I KNOW when my body is going in the right direction and when it's not.

I just not be able to explain it to you to your satisfaction. You're in charge of the direction your body is going in as well.I can't do it for you. No one else can either.

Stretching might be "passe" in the fitness industry now but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. It just means it's not in fashion. Oh well, I've never been that fashionable :))

Things get simple very fast when you have chronic pain. You can either move and BE without pain or you cannot. Things either make your pain and movement and performance better and with less pain or they make it worse. Simple stuff.

You learn to listen and learn from your body or you do not. And NOT usually hurts more so you change your direction.

SO I went into Girya 75 minutes early this am to hunt out my business and stay ahead of the curve.Here's what I did:

1) back bend over stability ball
2) rumble roller foam roller
3) up dogs
4) down dogs( camped out here for 3-4 minutes x 2- best thing for my knee extension)
5) thai squat stretch,palms on floor
6)straddle stretches
7)side splits
8) hamstring stretch with strap
9) ham stretch crossover
10 ) bretzell
11) rifs brettzel with straight leg
12) RKC hip flexor stretch v 2.0
13) squat stretch against wall ( as in video above)
14) supported thai squat
15) overhead stick stretch
16) behind back stick stretch both grips
17) terminal knee extension lockouts with monster mini band

datsit .lol


jockeRKC said...

My Foam roller got out again and i love the pain

Mark Reifkind said...

there you go Joakim. Mine is never far away. two at my studio,two at my home.